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Jasa Interior Apartemen, Kantor dan Rumah anda


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Interior Design Arts

Part art, part science, Interior Design goes far beyond decorating. We, the Interior Designers have a profound impact on people's lives by creating the surroundings, in which they live, work and play. Interior Design Arts strive to translate what people want into their own story as told throughout their entire home or business environment.
Combining knowledge, analysis and research with aesthetic vision, creativity and discipline; we work closely with our clients to develop design solutions that are safe, functional, and attractive to meet the patron's needs using the space.
We, at Interior Design Arts plan interior spaces of almost every type of space, including offices, restaurants, salons and private residences. The results of our work prove that a good design boosts business productivity, attract a more affluent clientele and increase a building's market value.
Depending on the complexity of the project, Interior Design Arts might also submit drawings for approval by a construction inspector to ensure that the design meets building codes. If any project requires structural work, we work with an architect or engineer for that part of the project. Most designs also require the hiring of contractors to do technical work or artists to create finishes or custom furnishings. We offer to choose and write work contracts with contractors and independent artists as well.
Interior Design Arts offers professional help during all of the stages of design and decorating process of interior spaces as well as changes to outside elevation: storefronts, restaurant fronts, private residences, etc.

My design 2009 Timber-Framed Modern Home featured in

Open House NYC TLC Better Homes and Gardens Old World Charm Home with Modern flare Timber-Framed Home House of the Week Gorgeous Timber-Framed Home

Shared Styles & Designs

Beauty and the Beam

Interior Design Arts NJ.- Beauty and the Beam
I am posting this image to point out yet one more time the contribution of no-nonsense ceiling to the overall appearance of interior space. Tin ceiling, decorative painted ceiling, bean ceiling, .... anything but flat white sheetrock does for the space as much as the eyebrows for the face. Naturally textural wooden ceiling beams, set against the smooth field of a white ceiling is a welcome enhancement to interiors, even those with rather average furniture. Ceiling beams have always been considered an architectural asset in homes however lately the beauty of a beam was discovered once again. Beams add an historical and romantic feeling to any room interior and add value to every home that features them. Ceilings with exposed rafters in old industrial buildings converted into restaurants, stores etc are very trendy as well. Mishka

Contemporary Fortress

Interior Design Arts NJ.- Contemporary Fortress
This located in Londrina, Brazil home is a great example of minimalist architecture, achieved while respecting the exigency of modern design. The compact exterior resembles a "contemporary fortress", charming due to its simplicity. There are only simple, natural materials used for this project; plaster, bricks, cement, wood. The interiors are truly astonishing, featuring large windows, contemporary furniture, tasteful contrasting colors and delightful art works.The house was designed by Studio Guilherme Torres.

A touch of Africa

Interior Design Arts NJ.- A touch of Africa
I went across this amazing shower while looking for inspiration for simple yet stunning bathroom to accomplish my house full of primitive art brought from traveling across Africa. This amazing shower makes a powerful statement of where people like me are coming from and fits today's tendency to appreciate ethnicity and simplicity. Wish me luck in implementing this idea into my home.

Modern with a rustic touch

Interior Design Arts NJ.- Modern with a rustic touch
White paint is extremely versatile, and is a perfect wall color for a large living space with a dark or vibrant color wood floor. To create more drama it's worth to use the same type of wood on some of the walls. Great idea to keep in mind while creating modern, open spaces. Concrete is also a modern way to accent your space such as this concrete countertop flowing into a bench and around to the stairs, nice touch. To add a curve to the modern look of your space, try adding some rustic furnishings to make your space pop.

Coastal Cave House by Alexandre de Betak

Interior Design Arts New Jersey - Cave home rustic lounge
French Designer. Located in a small village in the Tramutana territory from Majorca, with a great view of the Mediterranean Sea, is home of French fashion and furniture designers Alexandre de Betak. Inspired by cave dwelling, by taking the interior in the original form, even a shelf apparently pushed out from natural stone to cradle of the family possessions. Rural wooden beams, doors and furniture warm the stone surroundings of this eco-friendly construction, and ceilings are cut away in seemingly random patterns of abat-jours in the hallway.
In de Betak's own words:
For 10 years I was dreaming about it, for five years I was looking for a spot for it, for two years working on it, for another two years building it, and finally here it is Coastal Cave House was created...
Affected on 1970s organic architecture, de Betak designing unique homes thoroughly, and ignore the 90 degree angles and sharp edges throughout. Cool cave walls disappear when you approach the outside space of a summer hideaway for a dip in the pool, or lay out on the sun deck. Form a natural shaped pool surrounding the house that might find it more appropriate after exploring the curved contour of the inner room, but the hilly landscape around should be enough to distract you from it. With a hectic career as a famous producer for clients such as Dior, Tiffany, and Jennifer Lopez, this is one place where Betak stopping to breathe and relax for a month. With Coastal Cave House that was designed by de Betak, it's amazing he can drag himself away at all.

Rustic Meets Industrial

Interior Design Arts NJ. - Concrete Staircase
I went across this amazing staircase looking over the internet for interesting spaces where rustic meets industrial. Dyed concrete opens the whole new chapter on today's interior design field. The variety of concrete finishes combine beauty and creativity with the economy, durability, and practicality of concrete.

Designing the perfect staircase

Interior Design Arts New Jersey - Spiral Staircase
The most important aspect of choose a stair shape is space. The space available for stairs is going to determine the types of stairs that can fit for the house. A skilled architect knows while considering comfort, that stairs that are wide and have a less steep climb are more inviting. This is important information and needs to be taken into consideration along with who will be climbing the stairs. Of course, the stair shape also depends on the design of your home. What shape will look best? Spiral stairs can be quite pretty. This is great for big houses that are Victorian or look almost Victorian. In many cases the staircase is a focal point of an entrance that will suggest to the interior designer in what way the design of the house should go.

Rustic meets modern

Interior Design Arts NJ. - Rustic meets modern
Rustic meets modern in an extraordinary place - this unique bathroom design, is built in what seems like a worn out attic or barn. The four-piece bathroom set by Duravit stands center of this weathered but beautiful room, immersed in a haze of natural sunlight beaming in through the knotty walls under exposed beamed ceilings. The fireplace adds warmth and a sense of authenticity. The clean, white palette, the cool porcelain and the contemporary minimalist look of the sink, tub, toilet and bidet are an unlikely but ideal complement to this earthy bathroom with a Zen feeling that promotes wellness, rejuvenation, meditation, and good taste.
According to Interior Design Arts incorporation of rustic and modern already popular among high end lofts and apartments in large cities like New York spreads all around metropolitan areas up to suburban communities where traditional interior designers more often reaching for modern elements saving at the same time naturally rustic elements.

Lacucina Alessi Poetic Kitchen

Interior Design Arts New Jersey - Lacucina Alessi Poetic

IDA believes in rhythm and balance of all elements being used by an interior designer. For example here; a new fabulous rhythmical kitchen design emerges. This kitchen is certainly easy to wax poetic about... smooth, curved shapes bring a sense of grace and balance. The Island shown here is a fantastic way to bring an increased sense of satisfaction to creating a delectable meal. The sweeping curve is natural and allows you to take full advantage of the generous counter space from whichever side of the island. With plenty of storeroom at the ends and a clever swing-out counter you'll find the kitchen so accessible. Stylish square hobs and appealing circular twin sinks add even more visual distinction. A combination of form and function both well thought-out. This kitchen is a realistic luxury.

Bulthaup b2 kitchen

Interior Design Arts NJ. - Bulthaup B2 Kitchen
The most important key to the success in designing bathrooms and kitchens is functionality. With the Bulthaup B2 kitchen workshop, they are radically rethinking the concept of the kitchen and cooking. All the key functions are determined in three elements: Kitchen workbench with work quarter, hob and water point, complemented by two tool cabinets for appliances, tools, ingredients and crockery. This is a kitchen for pioneers, in the art of philosophy and existence.

Transparent Concrete Litracon

Interior Design Arts New Jersey - Transparent Concrete Litracon
Interior Design Arts admires the world's first commercially available transparent concrete Litracon® is a combination of optical fibers and fine concrete. It can be produced as prefabricated building blocks. Due to the small size of the fibers, they blend into concrete becoming a component of the material like small pieces of aggregate. In this manner, the result is not only two materials - glass in concrete - mixed, but a third, new material, which is homogeneous in its inner structure and on its main surfaces as well. Litracon® is a fully handmade product which results an exceptional and individual pattern of light in each piece.
The patent protected Litracon® products present the phenomenon of light transmitting concrete in the form of widely applicable new building materials. They have been developed by Hungarian architect Áron Losonczi since 2001.
Litracon is a world's breakthrough in commercial interior design that opens a whole new chapter for those designers who are in constant search for the new, innovative and truly impressive materials.

Comfortable Minimalism

Interior Design Arts NJ. - Comfortable Minimalism
This is an example of a comfortable minimalism nestled in the average size master bath. The modern, clean design was composed of two types of carefully chosen tiles stretched from the bottom to the top of the walls and the main decorative element is the light bouncing between the walls on the surface of a glass tile. Interior Design Arts' Mishka: "as a designer, I do consider light as a very important decorating component, a crucial factor that adds life to interiors, creates moods and draws shapes of important elements that make a bold statement about the given styles. The source of light holds the key to flawless selection of color palette and its amenity".

Connection to the natural world

Interior Design Arts New Jersey - Connection to the natural world

"People need water, not mixers" Jean-Marie Massaud stated when describing the approach he took during his first bathroom design project. This highlights his design credo. Inspired by nature, his designs seem to work without any technology. The bathroom collection from the French architect and designer also evokes images from nature and focuses on a connection to the natural world. A waterfall over the sink, a mussel-like bath tub, shower water falling from a cloud - the natural element of water provides a true sensual experience. Massaud's first bathroom design project releases the interior dwsigner from conventional style rules. Interior Design Arts highly respects the extraordinary architectural visions that highlight the full breadth of architect/designer creativity.

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